Rena Harms


Florentine Opera

March 2016

Three Decembers

Photo by Kathy Wittman

Photo by Kathy Wittman

“Soprano Rena Harms and baritone Keith Phares gave spot-on performances Friday evening as siblings Charlie and Beatrice, creating completely believable characters and playing strong, moving solo and ensemble scenes. Beautifully matched vocally, both Harms and Phares gave polished, precise deliveries of the sometimes angular, sometimes quite lyrical vocal writing, making use of the small-for-opera performing space to make strong connections between their characters and the audience.”
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"A fine cast is a prerequisite for pulling off such a subtle work. The Florentines were fortunate in this regard...No less effective is the melodrama-free performance by soprano Rena Harms as Bea the daughter."
Shepherd Express

Beth Stewart