Rena Harms


Florentine Opera

October 2012


Photo by Kathy Wittman

Photo by Kathy Wittman

"Harms appears for just two of the opera’s four acts. Too bad. Of the four principals, she was the most consistent. From her first entry, her voice was clear and bright, decorated with coquettish ornamentation. It’s one thing to sing high notes loud and bold. It’s another thing to float them sweetly and softly, with little catches in between, as Harms sang the highest notes of “C’est les contrabandiers.” In doing so, she displayed both her skill and Micaela’s emotion."
Urban Milwaukee

"Soprano Rena Harms gave an outstanding performance as Micaela, using vocal clarity, musical finesse, a beautiful, ringing sound and a finely honed theatrical sense, to create a likable, kindhearted character."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Beth Stewart