Rena Harms


Staatstheater Braunschweig

March 2012


Photo by Karl-Bernd Karwasz

Photo by Karl-Bernd Karwasz

"Rena Harms tops off her performance with stunning, powerful high notes. Her young dramatic voice has depth, character and great vigor."
Braunschweiger Zeitung

"American soprano Rena Harms sings and plays the role of the eponymous hero Sárka with breathtaking intensity."
NDR Kultur

"The American soprano Rena Harms sang Sárka, the young warrior who succumbs to love, with a lyrical voice that was secure high up and bloomed pleasingly."
Opera Magazine 

"Rena Harms provides the eponymous hero with a wide range of shades and nuances, from vengefulness and pugnaciousness to love and desperation about her own deeds. Her lyric soprano has the power to arrange dramatic outbursts, yet portrays fine and differential dynamic shades just as well – an impressive performance."


Beth Stewart