Rena Harms


Florentine Opera

November 2011


Photo by Kathy Wittman

Photo by Kathy Wittman

"Soprano Rena Harms gave a memorable performance as the doomed Liù, singing with a spot-on combination of vocal power, fluid sound and musical expression." 
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Rena Harms played Liù; her exquisite singing won her the evening’s biggest ovation. Puccini gave her the most beautiful music in the opera, and Harms made the most of it. Instead of floating the many long, quiet high notes, she sustained them, gently but firmly, on an inexhaustible supply of air and support from the diaphragam. She front-loaded the phrases to turn them into sighs. Her lyric style embodied the character even as she thrilled us with her virtuosity." 
Urban Milwaukee

"As the hapless Liù, soprano Rena Harms gave a lovely, ovation-inspiring performance."
Shepherd Express

Beth Stewart